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Thought for the day

I found this yesterday in the Etsy.com Forums and it was something I really needed to hear. (And by the way, the seller who posted it originally is really awesome, so stop by and check out her shop too!)

pawandclawdesigns says:

Good Morning!

I get a bacn/newsletter thing every day, from Debt Proof Living.

Lots of times it's commonsense; pay off your credit card, don;t buy 4 dollar coffee, tell your kids that NO they can;t have a PS3, the rent is due, etc, etc etc.

anyhow, todays letter struck me.

I, like lots of us on Etsy, am brand new to adult life during a "recession" and this is my first time weathering one.

i know my parents did it, i know my grandparents did it, but We haven't yet.

todays newsletter gave me some comfort.

keep your chins up, everyone :D

"Imagine for a moment that I’m standing in front of a gigantic chart that tracks the movement of the stock market from almost the beginning of the last century. You see a series of peaks and valleys corresponding to various historic events. There is a serious down draft during the Depression. But look. After it bottoms out, the line goes up. Invariably goes up."

"Notice the 1987 stock market crash. See that abrupt drop? I remember that one. The feeling that swept the nation was that the market would never, ever come back. But look. It did. Look at the new highs the U.S. stock market achieved in the 1990s."

"The markets are a lot like life. Things happen. There are peaks and valleys. And there are events that send our lives plunging—sometimes to record depths. We think we will never, ever recover. But we do. Things get better."

"So what does the chart of your life look like? Peaks? Valleys? Where are you now? If you are in a valley of unemployment and uncertainty with fog and darkness all around, grab on to this truth: This will not last forever. Things will change. For sure there are upswings and new peaks in your future. There are seasons of joy and prosperity ahead."

"One day you will look at this chart of your life again, in another context, from another vantage point. You’ll be able to see the upturn that followed this difficult time. You recovered. You’ll look back and wonder how you ever made it through. But you did! I’m certain that you’ll say that as difficult as it was, you are grateful for all you learned, for all the ways your character was strengthened and for the ways this season of your life prepared you to handle what was, and is, to come."

"Just hang onto that truth right now. Mark today’s date on your calendar. Write about it in your journal. And whatever you do, don’t give up. You may be in a valley right now, but an upturn is coming!"


Tracyw. said...

Perspective is always a good thing to get when you think things will never get better. I've been thru a gas crisis and at least one recession, and all of this current mess is feeling too familiar. However, I know things will get better. Things will get better in my own life as well. In your life, too! Cycles are the nature of the Universe. We all have lessons to learn, and the peaks and valleys help us to recognize those lessons.
It may not be fun, but it's worth it!