7:15 PM

The "Number of Jedi in a Party" Theory... Proven...

I've been playing in a Star Wars table-top RPG for over a year now with the same character. Her name is Andromeda, and she's a Miraluka Jedi with a bit of a martyr complex. We currently have six players, only three of which have been with us since the beginning of the game. (Myself, the manager of the gaming store that plays our Slicer, and our black-belt friend that plays our trigger-happy merc... I have interesting stories to tell about him, but that's for later)

When we first started this game, in the very first session, Andromeda got mortally wounded by a Sith named Warb Null
. I counted to have my character get mortally wounded EVERY BATTLE from then on.

Well, from then on until our new friend showed up, playing a Mon Calamarian Jedi that somehow survived the Jedi Purge (a.k.a. "Star Wars Episode 3"). We recently acquired another Jedi that is the same race that Yoda is... whatever that is.

We realized something after getting so many more Jedi in the party. Andromeda hasn't been mortally wounded since. With one extra Jedi in the party, the worst injury we've had is Incapacitated. With two extra, the worst has been Wounded. So, this led us to start theorizing that the number of Jedi in an adventuring party is directly related to how badly they get injured.

(By the way, the scale of injury in this system, from least to greatest, is Stunned, Wounded, Wounded Twice, Incapacitated, Mortally Wounded, and Dead)

We, unfortunately, got to prove this theory this past Sunday. Mel'gven's player is out of town, and so the Mon-Cal-love-interest-of-my-character tragically fell in to a plot hole. The rest of us went to infiltrate an Imperial-controlled city by sneaking in through the sewers. We destroyed security droids, affected the minds of guards to make them think it was their break time, fought sewer-dwelling tentacle monsters, and faced down a group of 12 Stormtroopers with an E-web... However, when we get that group of 12 Stormtroopers down to 2 guys- neither of which are armed?


One of them tackles Andromeda and knocks her to the ground, hitting her head on the E-web's power generator and knocking her to incapacitated... After she'd charged down the sewer with all 12 of the Stormtroopers shooting at her at once, she gets taken down by a TACKLE.

So, I figure if we get another two or three Jedi in the party, we can all be immortal. :)