6:28 AM

Pre-orders are open!

We finally set the date for the release of my novel! The big day is August 21st, and pre-orders are now open! At the moment we only have them on my Etsy shop, but we're hoping to have my web-site set up to take orders later today. Don't want to go through Etsy? Contact me at liz[at]oap-studios.com for a PayPal invoice!

This listing is for a pre-order of my book. The release date of the novel is August 21, 2009. All pre-order copies will be signed by me and have a special gift included. Pre-orders will be ordered on August 20th and then shipped out once I receive them from the publisher and sign them.

There are multiples of this novel available! Please contact me if you're interested in ordering more than one copy!

This is a 6 inch by 9 inch paperback novel written and illustrated by me. It is 350 pages (almost an inch thick!) and features 22 black and white interior illustrations. The cover features a full color glossy illustration by the incredibly talented Julie Minter of Haunted Studios. The interior is printed on high quality bright white paper, not the off-white thin paper that most of your paperback novels come on!

This novel is the culmination of 10 years of work for me and is the first novel I've ever had published. I hope you enjoy it!

The back cover text reads: "After the test run of a power source that would allow mankind to travel beyond its solar system failed, all of Earth’s technology was rendered useless. Only a year after this accident, in 2033, the citizens of Hinomoto rose up against an unjust government. Their victory brought about a short-lived era of peace and equality until the new democracy corrupted itself. It then outlawed the very thing that overthrew the previous leaders: Martial Arts.
Five-hundred years later, humanity has regained their mastery over technology and science. Those who practice Martial arts are seen by law enforcement and the government as the most dangerous of criminals. Despite being arrested or murdered in the streets by the police, these ronin still struggle to keep their fighting traditions alive. While the Shogun tries to protect his family from a power-hungry Daimyo, a rebellion begins to grow in the bars and underground
dojos that will test the limits of a group of Martial Artists as they attempt to
restore the balance of power."