7:43 PM

Attack of the Killer Plot Bunnies

The plot bunnies were seriously killing me today... I mean it- I had to draw that picture just because that's how I feel right now. :( I got stuck on this fight scene I started yesterday and actually had to use Write Or Die to write nearly 700 words in 20 minutes. It really helped though! Because it got me writing rather than staring at my file like an idiot.

No new excerpt today. I might put up another one or two. Today I've been trying to get through this rather difficult fight scene (that had, at the max, three combatants until it went down to two. After a fight scene with 11 characters, this should be a cake walk, but nooooo.), and have been struggling with the Plot Bunnies that wish to change the ending of the novel. Granted, that's fine given all the changes I've made to the beginning, but it's getting hard to get it to gel in my head.


Gypsycaster said...

Heh heh....plot bunnies are cuuuuute.....deadly, but cuuuuuute!