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NaNoWriMo Story Time with Liz- Part 2!

Here's a little excerpt from... about 40K and six chapters ago. I rather like the scene though- lots of drama. :)

The waiting room was so quiet that you could hear someone drop a feather on the floor. Even the doctors, nurses, and orderlies seemed to be getting quiet as they passed by- whether out of respect or because the assembled group looked so pitiful that they couldn’t help it.
Fushicho was hunched over in a chair, her eyes dull as she stared off into space. She had stopped crying again- something that Andrea and 26 were both grateful for- but her silence was almost as bad. The Aka Ryuu leader had practically needed to knock the red-head out in order to get her to let the doctors take a look at her injuries. She had let them only bandage her wounds and give her pills for the pain from her bruises before she insisted on going back to the waiting room so she’d be there when there was any news of Kanjou.
26 was patched and bandaged in various places. The burns she had gotten weren’t too severe, but the patchy fur would take a little while to grow back. Her right wing had a splint on the end- she had broken it when she’d fallen on it, but the doctors were confident it was going to set well and she’d regain use of it. The kemono sat next to Fushi, looking over at her worriedly from time to time and putting her arms around her when she’d disintegrate into tears.
Andrea stood a few feet away, leaning against the wall. She too was covered in bandages, and the cut on her arm and thigh from the thrown scalpels had required a few stitches each. A bandage was stuck to her cheek as well from where Malakai had cut her. She had her arms crossed as she leaned on the wall next to a painting that was meant to cheer up the room- but Andrea had thought it to be rather garrish at the moment.
After they’d been there about a half an hour in heavy silence, they heard a commotion from the outside. A moment later the automatic doors opened and in raced Roni- looking as pale as a ghost. She ran straight into the waiting room and made a bee line for the Aka Ryuu. Her hair was mussed and she was breathing as though she had run the whole way. One of her puffy school uniform socks had fallen down somewhere along the way and she hadn’t bothered to fix it. Her long blue pleated skirt swished around her as she ran up to Andrea.
“Kanjou?” the purple haired girl managed to pant out.
Andrea looked up and stared at Roni for a moment, then sighed and shook her head. “We don't know anything yet. But... It was bad.”
Roni suddenly hit Andrea in the shoulder with her heavy booksack. Andrea let out a grunt that was half surprise and half pain, her eyes wide at Roni. “How could you?!” the teenager screamed. “How could you!? You didn’t come get me! I thought we were all a team! You needed me and you left me in school! And now...” Tears were welling up in her violet eyes.
Andrea felt her heart breaking even more- she didn’t think the pieces could get any smaller right now. If her heart broke again they would need an atomic microscope to find the pieces. She reached out and hugged Roni tightly just before the girl collapsed on her and began to weep, repeating “How could you,” under her breath as she sobbed into Andrea’s shoulder.
The silver-haired woman looked over at 26, her expression one of confusion and loss. The teal-haired woman’s eyes were full of sympathy, but she didn't move to help Andrea since Fushi had broken down again too. Andrea looked down at the top of Roni’s head and reached up to stroke her hair.
“I’m sorry, Roni... I’m sorry, all of you. This was my fault... I... I tried to call their bluff because I didn’t want them to take D away, and I lost on that call. I’m so sorry.”
Roni pulled away and walked over to drop into the chair next to Fushi. She put her arms around the red-head and they held each other while Andrea looked at 26 like she was lost. 26 frowned at her in sympathy. She knew that Andrea took her position as their leader seriously and she considered herself to be responsible for everything that happened- both the good things and the bad things that had happened over the past two years.