9:33 AM

ACEO - 021 Vacation - Original

This ACEO is an original, NOT a reproduction. It is done on illustration board with watercolor and ink. This ACEO is a one of a kind artwork by me and will never be reproduced.

I am doing 100 themed ACEOs as a creative exercise. This is theme 21- "Vacation." I painted this watercolor background and immediately was reminded of a beach, so this theme seemed pretty appropriate! Especially since I'm very ready for warmer weather right now! I'm a big fan right now of painting these backgrounds and then seeing what sort of inspiration I can get from them. Then I draw and color over them for a neat effect. It's fun because I can be loose and crazy with the backgrounds!

Card has been signed and dated on the back by me. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Please note that the watermark in the image is NOT on the actual card.