12:50 PM

Bear Prototype with Hat Prototype

I am just a prototyping fool this week! I think I got the hat pretty close- as close as I probably can anyway. Still not bad for someone who doesn't have a lot of pattern making experience. It's got some problems that I'm going to try to iron out, but for getting it that good in two tries it's nice. It's just pinned on to the head and the yellow pieces are pinned on as well, which is why it looks weird.

In a little bit I'm going to be doing some prototyping on fused plastic bags as well. I have some picked out for tests, I just need to read the tutorial over again to make sure I'm doing it right. Don't want to mess up the table, the bags, or the iron!

Oh, and here's the references for the above plushie, in case you missed them last time!