11:20 AM

Where the Magic Happens!

I had to go in the studio today and cut some things out to work on today while I'm sitting at Neverland Games later on today. Decided to work on the plushies that I cut out weeks ago to play with the mini-plushie pattern I made and have done a few things with (including Bumblebee and a new PPF Plushie). I decided I didn't like the legs so I want to change them around, but these plushies I cut out before I knew that I wasn't going to like the feet. So I cut the feet off two of the bodies I had cut out already and made a new pattern, then needed to cut out some hair pieces (which is what's marked out on that white felt in the pictures... along with white shoes for one of the other plushies) for a third plush. Phew... lots of cutting today. Lots of hand-sewing later too, which I don't care for but I'm desperate enough to do just to get these three plushies I've been wanting to do for WEEKS done.

So anyway, I got to this point with felt and plushie bits all over and thought "That would be a nice photo... I think I should find the camera." And then I remembered that I've been wanting to take pictures of the studio for a long time. So I did, finally! They're not great and I probably should have cleaned up a bit beforehand because the studio isn't as clean as I'd like, but I've been making a lot of mess with all the prototyping lately. I guess this is better than those shots of studios that I see of studios where they have nothing out of place. I KNOW most crafters do not have OCD that badly that their studios are spotless all the time. :)

So, here's a few shots of the studio. This is the view from the door, you can see the printer/scanner on the left, next to the bear plushie I posted earlier. Sitting on top of that are my Star Trek DS9 DVDs that I've been watching while I work. I told you it was a bit messy right now. On the floor are my bag of stuffing and box of felt, as well as some plastic bag scraps from fusing bags earlier this week too. That purple tote has some fabric and stuff that I put in there when I cleaned the first time, as well as some things that need to either be hung up in the studio or elsewhere in the house.

And here's the sewing machine table. These are all my friend's machines, but she told me I can use them. I don't use the White, but the Viking is made of awesome. It's all computerized and can embroider. <3 It's absolutely beautiful. I like her serger being threaded with black because mine is threaded with white, so I have a machine for most serging projects. I have the sewing books there under the serger, and you can see a potential plushie project there to the right of the Viking. My sewing stuff is in the plastic drawers behind the sewing machine and... there's some armwarmers on top of that... because I love armwarmers. :) Oh and... my watercolor stuff is sitting there too just... because it was convenient to sit it there when I needed to move it from where it was.

I'll put up more pictures later this week. I have to clean up because we have a party next weekend and I'm supposed to be teaching a friend to sew so I'll need the room. Hope you enjoyed a little peek at the plushie kingdom!