2:55 PM

Expression Sheets! #1

I have a lot of fun doing character and expression sheets- I always have. They're one of my favorite things about character development and I always loved doing them in school. So, when I saw this expression meme floating around DevArt (just before I left, anyway) I knew I had to do it. Besides, I have to get used to the new way I'm drawing hair and faces, and this is a great way to do just that!

So, here's Andrea's sheet. You can tell that I got more comfortable with her hair the further down the page I got just by looking at how it evolved. I think IRRITATED looks like a Phil Foglio drawing (I've apparently been reading too much Girl Genius). Drawing FLIRTY was downright scary with this Andrea- she doesn't really show a lot of emotion in my first novel because she's angry most of the time and sarcastic the rest. But I did have fun imagining what she'd look like if she was showing those emotions. Any of the angry ones were downright simple to do for her- that's how she's drawn most of the time anyway! HOLLOW makes me giggle, by the way. :)

I'll be doing the rest of the story characters soon. I actually have Roni's sheet done, I just need to upload it here, so check back soon!