10:17 AM

Expression Sheets! #2

(click on the picture for a larger view!)

As promised from yesterday, here's another finished expression sheet! This is Roni, the youngest main character in my novel (she actually looks younger than she is, too...). Actually, she's Andrea's foil- her opposite. Where Andrea is a perpetually angry Bitch-Queen-of-the-Universe, Roni is happy, cheerful, and trusting of others. She's very emotive and hyper, so she was a lot of fun to draw for this. Plus her pigtails up her cuteness by about a million percent. :)

My faves on this sheet are SILLY, DRUNK, and CONFIDENT. Drawing RAGE felt almost inherently wrong because the character just doesn't get angry much, so that face is really scary to me. I don't like how PLEASED came out, but I wasn't very comfortable with the new design when I did that one.