7:49 AM

ACEO - 020 Fortitude

This ACEO is an original, NOT a reproduction. It is done on a heavy, board with watercolor, pencil, and brush marker. This ACEO is a one of a kind artwork by me and will never be reproduced.

I am doing 100 themed ACEOs as a creative exercise. This is theme 20- "Fortitude." When I think of fortitude, I usually think of a Fortitude Save in D&D. And who has the best Fortitude Save? The fighter class. And what does thinking about the fighter make me think of? Huge muscles. Then I usually start thinking about 300, I admit. So, that's the whole story behind this card- huge muscles.

The background was painted first and then the artwork was put over it with pencil and brush markers.

Card has been signed and dated on the back by me. Please note that the watermark in the image is NOT on the actual card.

Available in the ACEO section of my Etsy Shop.