7:49 AM

Felicia from DarkStalkers

A long time ago I was really in with the "One Piece" fandom- and I mean REALLY in with it. Somewhere in my wanderings of the internet I stumbled across a site called One Piece Haven and ended up as an admin on the forums there. The forum group was a pretty close group of real life friends, plus me, and I ended up staying in decent touch with at least one of them through the last few years.

So, when she asked me to do a commission for the owner of OPH, I said yes- mainly because I'm still trying to adjust to my new style and the best way to do that is to keep challenging myself. I'll admit I don't know much about Darkstalkers except that there's a cat-girl and a vampire chick that fan artists seem to like a lot. Now I also know that if said-cat-girl is supposed to be wearing Chopper's (from One Piece) hat, her hair is nearly impossible to draw. In retrospect I should have drawn her hair first and then perched the hat on it rather than on her head, but live and learn. I do like the pose though, which I referenced from here. I like that site because they're "realistic" Poser models rather than already-exagerated anime characters.

Anyway, the guy I did this for apparently got it yesterday and liked it, so now I can put it up. :)

Felicia is copyright to the company that owns her. One Piece the same. I only own this piece of art.


Anonymous said...

That is a good pose cos it is like 'the cat' position in yoga (?) I like her claws! Meeeow!