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Some sneak peeks at DarkPaw!

I've been working on DarkPaw all day... But contrary to what the above photos say, he's actually done! I'm waiting for the last of the glue to dry and hoping that tomorrow will be sunny enough to take good photos. This was him earlier after I got his body assembled. For some reason the plushies are always so creepy when the heads have faces but aren't on the body yet... You can see his staff on the right and his hat to the left as well. No photos of his cape in this one because I actually hadn't started it yet. I needed the body to be together so I could take measurements and all.

So here he is with his cape and hat! There's still pins in the hat because there was glue drying on it so they're holding the hat on his head.

He's made of faux fur in medium and light brown, appliqued felt for the face, felt details on the hat and cape, and faux fur trim on the cape. The cape is purple velvety stuff that held on to loose fur like CRAZY. There's bias tape around the neck to make it pretty. But the cape is also lined, so it's pretty on both sides.

His staff was made with red and blue felt and black and yellow acrylic paint. After these pictures were taken I attached a loop of elastic to the staff so it can either go on his arm or come off.

He's jointed too, so he can sit or stand, although the standing he can't do on his own because his head and hat are too heavy. Oops... but he'd probably would fit in a doll stand to stand.

So after I get good pictures of him he'll be off to his permanent home! He's going to the UK and I'm a little sad to see him go. :( Working on this project has taught me so much since I had to fabricate the whole pattern, do prototyping, and learn a bunch of new skills I didn't know before (like appliquing!)

Overall, though, I'm happy he's done. So very, very happy. You have no idea how much. He's taken me a long time and I'm ready to go on to the next project! But I think this is one of my favorite plushies I've ever done and I can't wait to show him to his owner. Despite that there's some problems with him (like the hat really is NOT big enough), I think he turned out well. And he's super cute, so that helps. :)

So, time to say bye-bye to Dark Paw, but I'll never forget him! And you'd better believe I'll be making some more bears to get my mileage out of that pattern, because that was rough. @_@

Next up on my list of things to do? I have two commissions to give quotes for, and I'm thinking about starting some Steampunk-y plushies!


Anonymous said...

"And you'd better believe I'll be making some more bears to get my mileage out of that pattern"

Just so long as you don't start making the cast of care bears just cause lol

Anonymous said...

That cloak is so cool!