9:27 AM

Novel Illustration Previews

Some of you may have heard me talk about this novel I'm working on to publish later this year. The text is being edited currently and was driving me crazy, so I decided to start working on the illustrations. Each chapter will have an illustration, some of the illustrations are going to be full page size and some will just be chapter heading size (kind of like the Harry Potter book illustrations, if you remember those, but a bit larger).

I decided to go ahead and scan the sketches I've been working on so I could get some opinions, but even the few people I have over on my Facebook Fan Page for the novel don't care enough to comment, so I thought I'd post them here too.

I'm also feeling kind of down today for reasons that I don't want to get in to here aside from the fact that yesterday was pretty awful. I'd probably be crying my eyes out if it weren't for the fact that I just did yoga for the first time and I do feel a LITTLE better.

Enjoy the preview illustrations.

This one has been a bitch to do, but the perspective was kinda fun.


PeggySue said...

I love the illustrations! Keep up the great effort! I hate the bad day hang overs... letting go of yesterday is one of my greatest emotional challenges... Though every day is a new day, it is partially colored by yesterdays pallet. I look forward to reading your novel, it is fantastic to know an author with the energy to pursue their writing!

Anathema Black said...

Crucifer here,

Yeah, bad days suck. Especially three in a row. It's best to have ways to focus the mind away from what we would rather forget. Each day is a new adventure, though, and we all know adventures don't always end the way we want them to.

Illus. looks great!!! Especially the fun perspectivey one :D

Still looking forward to the novel, and yes... I am lurking around the intarwebz.