8:40 AM

Happy NaNoWriMo!

Today marks the beginning of NaNoWriMo, which I'm doing (of course! Been waiting all year for it!). I'm writing two novels this year, and since I've been neglecting my blog I decided that I'll be posting the excerpts here. This will be handy because I can only really put so much on the NaNo profile, and for excerpts I can just link here.

The main novel I will be working on is called Legacy of the Broken Sword, which is a fantasy novel set in a world that my husband created called Draco-Terramada. It details the quest of a young half-elf thief that finds herself pulled along on a quest to put a legendary sword back together before an evil god gets a hold of it. But is the sword good or evil? This will likely be a trilogy of books.

The second novel is called Account of a Necromancer, and is a story that I've been bugging my husband to write for years but he hasn't gotten to. Finally this year he gave me his notes and said I could take a crack at it. Hopefully it will be the first book in a series of books, taking form all the different schools of magic. While Legacy of the Broken Sword is fantasy, this one is Urban Fantasy (magic and vampires- yes, there are vampires, no they are not inspired from Twilight since this story idea was made LONG before that came out-, undead, paladins, all set in the modern world), so it's a bit of a contrast.

So, I hope everyone will tune in here for excerpts and writing drivel for the next month!