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The Great Book Giveaway!

I've been talking about it for awhile, and now it's time to do it! I'm giving away a copy of my book, The Hinomoto Rebellion: Book One of the Aka Ryuu Chronicles, and it's so easy to enter the drawing! Just BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK for an entry in to the drawing! On the day the winner is chosen, I'll pull up the fan list on Facebook, have a number generator generate a winner at random, and contact them so they can claim their prize! (Oh, and the book will be signed by me too! How cool is that?) In addition, I'll be choosing a second place winner that will get a copy of the PDF e-book!

Just become a fan on Facebook at the above link to enter in to the drawing. I will choose the winner on October 12th at 12 noon, Eastern Time, so get your entries in by then! And if you're already a Facebook fan, you're already entered, so you don't have to do anything at all.

Here's a bit of a teaser for those unfamiliar with this 250 page novel (that also has 22 interior illustrations, also drawn by me!)

"After the test run of a power source that would allow mankind to travel beyond
its solar system failed, all of Earth’s technology was rendered useless. Only a
year after this accident, in 2033, the citizens of Hinomoto rose up against an
unjust government. Their victory brought about a short-lived era of peace and
equality until the new democracy corrupted itself. It then outlawed the very
thing that overthrew the previous leaders: Martial Arts.
Five-hundred years later, humanity has regained their mastery over technology
and science. Those who practice Martial arts are seen by law enforcement and
the government as the most dangerous of criminals. Despite being arrested or
murdered in the streets by the police, theseronin still struggle to keep their
fighting traditions alive. While the Shogun tries to protect his family from a
power-hungry Daimyo, a rebellion begins to grow in the bars and underground
dojos that will test the limits of a group of Martial Artists as they attempt to
restore the balance of power."

For more information, excerpts, images, character info, or to purchase the book or e-book, you can go to my web-site, or look up The Hinomoto Rebellion on Amazon.com!


Howling Caterpillars said...

Coming from a voracious reader, it's a great book!!!
You won't be disappointed!