10:17 AM

Question for you all...

So, I need to get some money toward a new computer. Basically, if I ever want to be able to do that pretty comic I keep doodling pages for and talking about I need a MUCH more powerful machine than the laptop I have right now. I can only get up to 2GB of RAM in this thing, and while I love my Andromeda here, I would much rather have her as a internet/word processing computer than a graphics computer. Running Photoshop makes her lag like the Dickens, and doing the two pages I put up last night (just adding text!) was an exercise in frustration.

So... here's a question. If I were to start selling prints, would anyone be interested? If you would, which pieces would you be interested in? Would you rather buy them through DevArt prints or through me (which would limit sizes I could do)? And, should I open commissions? (Not that I haven't ALWAYS been open for commissions, I just don't have a price list right now...)